Happiness is a choice

I believe happiness is a conscious choice we make.  We can either stay in the drama, the ugly and be “victims” of circumstances or we can choose to live in the moments that make us happy, to seek these out no matter what else is making noise in our worlds.

Why “Our Happiness Journal”

Our 2020 social experiment while stranded in paradise.

With Covid-19 disrupting our plans to travel, we found ourselves in Koh Phangan, Thailand for six months.  Without the opportunity to return home to New Zealand due to lack of available flights we decided to create “Our Happiness Journal”.  The goal was to create an environment we wanted to live in, so the website is dedicated to all things happy, what happiness means to us and to those we meet along the way. 

100% happy, non-commercial, no sales or agendas, we just wanted to share a little happiness.

And as a footnote, the journey continued and we are living the life we wanted, (Sep23)