Program implementation and integration

Integrating Health Network Collective services into your local, regional and national viral hepatitis elimination programs; and existing health systems.

Health Network Collective services include free training and technology solutions for population wide testing and linking to care by non-regulated workforce, enhancing and supporting your elimination strategy

Research and Development

Strategy Development

We develop measurable and specific actions towards innovative operations and growth in achieving your objectives. Collaborating with appropriate resource,  we can further develop strategy into project for  maximum impact from your people and resources, or assist in change process to engage appropriate resource requirements for reaching your objective.

Basic project management principles always apply; indicators of worthwhile and viable always green lit. Our measure is in success not reward.

Course Development

Our course development is based on thematic analysis drawn from research including review of current best practice and reputed global sources of subject matter specific knowledge.

We view this as an ongoing iterative process: meaning your course content and outcome expectation(s) meet the current accepted criteria and requirements.

We can build online hosting, generating membership's for free access, one of paid course access or subscription based access for updates, renewals or new module / course content access.

Technology Development

Technology development
Mobile Application

Emerging Disruptive Technologies (EDT) and the evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) have created an amazing space for development of technologies to meet our needs.

EDT and IoT are allowing new approaches to ways of working. We believe in challenging the attitude of

"we do it this because its the way we have always done it"

with ensuring our agile approach is inclusive of and very much driven by User Market Research and User Experience Design.

We encourage our partner specialists becoming involved with reviewing not only the end user experience, but also the supporting systems and process'. Having a complete solution design to meet user expectations can be invaluable.