Born in Te Waipounamu Aotearoa and of Ngāti Tūmatauenga.

From a military background Gavin worked in as an Emergency Coordinator in former Soviet, Balkan, Asia and Africa National or state conflicts for United Nations agencies and NGO’s: in between stints commercial diving. Following a career break in television film and advertising production, and winning several international awards, he moved back to medical with a large international corporate covering Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa as Maritime Medical Consultant.

After a near four-year period as an Emergency Management Officer, activating for over 22 national disaster responses, he changed to Program Management implementing a ministerial approved strategy for a National Hepatitis C Elimination Program.

Gavin is currently a full time student completing his masters, a project enabling our whanau, kaiawhina (peers) and non-regulated workforce improved contribution to global access to health.

Micro-credentialing with a systemized approach to global implementation; for marginalized, low socio-economic, ethnic and general populations supplementing existing health structures and systems.

In development with Gavin’s Masters in Technological Futures

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