Why “Our Happiness Journal”

With Covid-19 disrupting our plans to travel, we found ourselves in Koh Phangan, Thailand for six months.  Without the opportunity to return home to New Zealand due to lack of available flights we decided to create “Our Happiness Journal”.  The goal was to create an environment we wanted to live in, so the website is dedicated to all things happy, what happiness means to us and to those we meet along the way. 

100% happy, non-commercial, no sales or agendas, we just wanted to share a little happiness.

If you would like to share your happiness photos, stories, videos or just get in touch, we would love to hear from you.  Just fill out the contact form and attach your media and we will let you know when its live.


Snacks, what to have and when to have them. For us, like all our food, our snacks are part of a calculated training diet based on a few really important goals that are important to respect and keep to. First and foremost is foods got to be fun taste great and be a part of the balance. Its very easy to get into the relaxed mindset that main diet is achieving the aims and meeting goals, and snacks are small so they really don’t count in the over scheme of things. Maintaining a disciplined diet 100% of the time is crucial be it for diet, health, training, lifestyle or any other reason. (Disclaimer, I am not a nutritionist this is based on my diet habits, seek advice for yourself)

Cook Twice, Eat great lunches and dinners all week

  Training and eating go hand in hand relationship for a good training routine and healthy lifestyle. Rest is an absolute must but that’s for another post, along with supplements. Budgets another major consideration, especially for anyone training seriously be it for fun competition or lifestyle. Giving in to the fast food quick grab seems like an easy solution but getting organised and getting into a routine of planning prepping cooking and enjoying is actually easier faster more convenient and better for health and lifestyle.

My Happiness, Stephanie Dashnay

On a beautiful afternoon on Haad Rin Beach, I had very interesting conversation with a new friend about happiness. It made me realize not everyone has found happiness, even in Phangan. But I wasn’t always this happy. It took some deep soul searching and, very difficult decisions to get there.

Interviews Sarah Sweden

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Video interview series on what makes you happy, and what could make the world a happier place