Happiness is a choice

I believe happiness is a conscious choice we make.  We can either stay in the drama, the ugly and be “victims” of circumstances or we can choose to live in the moments that make us happy, to seek these out no matter what else is making noise in our worlds.

Easier said than done and I struggled with this for years.  Then I decided, well the crap is going to happen regardless, so I changed my perspective.  I sought out happiness in every situation including the most traumatic.

I changed my circumstances, I changed how I viewed things and I went back to what made me happy.  The things I loved doing, the people that made me laugh, the stuff that lifted my spirits and allowed me to simply be me.

Spend time with what makes you happy, follow your heart and remind yourself that you deserve to be happy.  Most importantly – share the happiness, it is contagious and you never know who may need it.

Share the Happiness