Jo, ‘Nothing’ makes me happy

When asked to contribute to Tra & Gavins happiness blog, I instantly thought, yeah, I can do that. And then I wrote, deleted, wrote some more, deleted again.

I couldn’t quite pin point what I wanted my contribution to be. And I’ve discovered there is a reason I found it hard, you see, ‘nothing’ makes me happy. You may be thinking, “um Jo, that’s not what this blog is about”… ah but it is.

I have a wonderful husband, three amazing kids, a loving family and friends, good health (well as good as can be expected at 42, creak, crack, moan), a beautiful home, I don’t want for anything, my life is happy, but there is one thing that awards me substantial happiness…

Think, a sunny Saturday, a rummage around the pantry and fridge for an eclectic selection of food, drink bottles filled and piling in the car with the family. We need nothing but each other and fuel to sustain us for the day (and enough for the car obviously because who knows how far we will go).

The fresh air, bush, ocean, nature. That feeling when I just get to ‘be’. This is why I couldn’t find the words to write about my happiness. Nothing makes me happy, nothing that can really be written about, its a feeling, an experience, it’s personal, spiritual perhaps, its finding a little zen in this material world we live in. Its in that moment of nothing where I can just be, and that nothingness is my happiness.


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