I was born in Gore, New Zealand moving around from Alexandra to Ashburton until the age of 16.

Being up in the mountains hunting, camping and outdoors were an integral part of growing up for me along with skiing, surfing, and sports.

After a year of regular force cadet school with the New Zealand Army, I graduated into the regular force spending many years predominately as a medic with infantry paras special forces and other great people.

My international work began with a year long stint working with humanitarian teams in Chechnya, Russia.  From Russia to Portugal where I leased a bar for 8 months and then back to humanitarian work that took me to North Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, Macedonia, Kosovo, Darwin, and East Timor.

Mixed amongst this, I also spent time commercial diving and various roles within television and film production.

The arrival of my daughter Breaca, was life changing, I never knew I could love someone so unconditionally and completely upon first gaze.  My son Oisin followed 3 years later and reinforced the strength of the maternal love I felt for Breaca.

Tracey and myself decided late 2019 that we wanted to go international, spend time with my kids who were now living in Ireland with their Mum and from there find the next opportunity.

Self-isolating in Koh Phangan, Thailand as the world shut down has been an incredible time with Tracey.  The warmth, nature and living, has really helped us understand what is important and what we want from life…happiness.

Happiness isn’t a given, it is something you need to seek out, identify, and grab hold of.

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