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  • What is a Tea Pet?
    by The Tea Chest Blog on 1 January 2022

    The ‘art of tea’ is a spiritual force for us to share. Alexandra Stoddard Announcement to the world – I have my first Tea Pet! What is a Tea Pet you may ask? A Tea Pet or Tea Friend as the Koreans call it, is typically a clay figure that is placed on the Tea … Continue reading What is a Tea Pet? →

  • Tea Time Recipe Cards
    by The Tea Chest Blog on 8 October 2021

    “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” Henry James Recently I celebrated my 50th birthday. It’s one of those birthdays where it stirs up all sorts of emotions, thoughts, memories and in my case, gratitude. It isn’t a birthday I thought I would … Continue reading Tea Time Recipe Cards →

  • Magic T Spoons
    by The Tea Chest Blog on 5 October 2021

    I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea. Fyodor Dostoevsky Introducing another fabulous tea creation from my friends at Magic T – the Magic T Spoon! ‘What on Earth’, I hear you cry…but yes here on Earth this very clever invention has transpired, and I for one am … Continue reading Magic T Spoons →

  • Basilur Blooming Tea Balls
    by The Tea Chest Blog on 15 August 2021

    Premium Tea from Ceylon - Sri Lanka

  • Tea Artist Julie Celina
    by The Tea Chest Blog on 12 August 2021

    Danish Tea Artist, Julie Celina

  • Magic T Blends Hibiscus & Cinnamon
    by The Tea Chest Blog on 7 July 2021

    Fitness Blends Persian Garden and Daily Energizer Blend are two of my favourite Magic T Blends…and now there is a third – Hibiscus & Cinnamon ♥ My best friend and I were lucky enough to spend a girl’s weekend away at Saffron Cottage at the base of the Tararua Ranges recently and I was delighted … Continue reading Magic T Blends Hibiscus & Cinnamon →

  • Sativa Botanicals Hemp Ginger & Paw Paw
    by The Tea Chest Blog on 5 July 2021

    I go to nature to be soothed, healed and have my senses put in order. John Burroughs I discovered Sativa Botanicals early this year at my local River Markets. This chance meeting and subsequent purchase of their Hemp Fresh Complexion Tea prompted me to write up a review and keep in touch with the delightful … Continue reading Sativa Botanicals Hemp Ginger & Paw Paw →

  • Magic T Blends Persian Garden
    by The Tea Chest Blog on 18 June 2021

    Nature in a pot...

  • Magic T Blends
    by The Tea Chest Blog on 28 May 2021

    Wherever you are drinking your tea, whether at work, in a cafe or at home, it is wonderful to allow enough time to appreciate it. Thich Nhat Hanh Magic T Blends are a family owned tea business that believes that every single moment of life is magic. Magic T sources its gorgeous herbs and flowers … Continue reading Magic T Blends →

  • The Wellness Tea
    by The Tea Chest Blog on 5 February 2021

    Boost your balance naturally ~ The Wellness Tea