Live Analysis

How can we improve efficacy of an informally qualified community of testers and their structured inclusion in established systems through leveraging Emerging Disruptive Technologies (EDT) and associated technologies. Survey Available Here

Methodology: Our model for development is based on Te Whare Tapa Whā, chosen for the grounded and community approach to this problem.  A holistic model of health that describes health as a wharenui (meeting house) with the four walls representing taha wairua (spiritual wellbeing), taha hinengaro (mental and emotional wellbeing), taha tinana (physical wellbeing) and taha whānau (family and social wellbeing). The main research question was applied to these four components and 33 sub versions extrapolated for survey to reflect: EDT applications, formalisation & recognition of qualification; Rangatiratanga Raraunga (Data sovereignty); management of test by-products; religious, ethnic and cultural impacts; and long-term benefits. On analysis the questions have been grouped back into the 4 main sub questions for reporting.

Taha wairua (spiritual wellbeing)

Through leveraging EDT and associated technologies, can we contribute to improving the spiritual wellbeing of kaiawhina / peers, wai ora, whanau and the respective relationships.

Taha hinengaro (mental & emotional wellbeing)

In enabling enduring relationships and continuity of care through treatment and beyond with leveraging EDT and associated technologies, can we contribute to improved mental and emotional wellbeing.

Taha tinana (physical wellbeing)

Will access from leveraging EDT and associated technologies for widespread testing improve long term outcomes, reduce primary and secondary care needs, realise financial benefits, and prolong life expectancies of HCV affected whai ora.

Taha whanau (family & social wellbeing)

Will leveraging EDT and associated technologies improve whanau, kaiawhina / peer and wai ora relationships, access to health, whanau-based health interventions and conversations around health & lifestyle.