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Justine Sailing Turkey 2020

Saviour, Relax and Enjoy

Justine on tea, travels, the yacht and life

Hello there, I’m Justine – the face of the Tea Chest Blog. I’m a loyal New Zealander who is currently on a year’s sabbatical to travel the world on our yacht, Tea Chest. We (the chap and I) made the decision to take a break, sell up and see the world by buying a yacht and sailing the Mediterranean and Europe discovering new teas along the way. Our motto is ‘you only have one life’. The reason behind this epic decision was losing some very dear friends at young ages, it made us realise we didn’t want to, and couldn’t wait until we retired, or the time was right or we had enough money…we needed to act now. However, the universe has had other ideas and while we have spent the past 9 months in Turkey loving every minute of it and making magical memories, we have decided to head back to New Zealand and see what is in store for us.

I started the Tea Chest Blog about 18 months ago, the initial reason was to share my passion and love for all things TEA related. To build the tea culture, to keep the history and traditions of tea ceremonies and production alive. I love discovering new teas from all over the world and sharing them with everyone. There is so much more to tea than just a drink, there is a process, a ceremony, a meditation if you like in every soulful cup. My ideal is to impress tea in a way that we take time to brew, saviour, sip and breathe. Enjoy and happy tea drinking ☕🙏

What makes me happy? First and foremost my gorgeous daughters make me exceptionally happy, knowing I did a great job in raising them to be fabulous humans. Happiness to me is a conscious mindset, it is a vibe, a place I choose to be whether at home in my garden, at the beach, surrounded by nature or in the comfort and familiarity of friends and family. It is memory making moments that make me happy. 

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